Monday, July 17, 2017

One Year!


This past week was pretty good. It felt like it flew by. Partly because we were in Santa Rosa almost half of the week, but it was amazing. We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday, which was awesome. We learned a lot about the Sacrament and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We learned about how we can help other people to understand the significance of the two. Hermana Bush taught about faith. She said we need to first believe enough to act, and then have the faith to act in the way the Lord wants us to. It was an awesome conference and I learned a lot of things that I am going to apply with my investigators.

After the conference, we had divisions with the other missionaries in Santa Rosa.  We were able to teach some of their investigators and contact some other people that were super cool. Then, on wednesday at about 4ish we ended the divisions. But, it had started raining the HARDEST it has since I have been in Honduras at about 3:45, so we had the 10 minute walk to their house in pouring rain. So, we changed into other clothes and then had to wait at the Bus Station till almost 7 to catch the bus going to Ocotepeque. Riding the bus is an interesting experience. I wedge myself in a space that would maybe fit Maggie and sit squeezed, uncomfortably, for two plus hours. We didn't get to the house until about 9:20 and we just passed out. But, it was a great conference.

Funny story from the divisions is that we knocked on a door, and a lady answered it. My comp told her that his name was Elder Dipko. And she told him, "Thanks, me too." We were confused, and then she shut the door, kind of weird but it happens sometimes.

We had an activity with the youth here where we played Jeopardy, and then volleyball with water balloons and towels. It was good and we are hoping that more will be able to come. Also, I passed the 1 year mark this past week. Hard to believe it has already been that long. Anyway, have a good week everyone!

Elder Jensen

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