Monday, August 29, 2016


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last week emailing in the MTC!

Last pday in the MTC!!!!!!!!! It has been a really good experience here. I have learned so much and i can`t wait to go out into the field. I leave Tuesday morning for Honduras. I dont know what time yet but i am pretty sure it will be early. We had two videos on Sunday that were both really awesome. One was from Elder Holland and the other was from Elder Bednar.  They both really made me excited to go out to honduras and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 In our rooms we have fans and this week everyone was stealing everyone elses fan. Everyone at one point had 2 other rooms fans, and some rooms had 0 fans. 
My Spanish is continuing to make huge strides. I can express myself a lot more now.  I really like talking to all of the Latinos down here. They are all super funny. I can actually talk to them most of the time which is awesome. All of  my group of guys are ready to get out of here and actually start doing stuff. I am super excited to go to Honduras and start talking to people. i get the last trip to the store today to get american junk food today, so that is exciting. This week i had several good lessons teaching.  Sorry this email is super short. There wasnt a lot that happened this week.

Jill asked, so here is a short testimony in Spanish.
Yo se que este Iglesia es verdadero, y Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo se el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y fue traducido de Jose Smith. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador. En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


So, it has been a super awesome week here in Guatemala City. The weather here has been kinda like Missouri. We just get a lot more rain, and it cools off more at night. Anyway, my Spanish has progressed the most it has since i have been here. It is super exciting. Sundays here are the best. We always have really good classes during the day. This last week we had a class about trials of faith. I really liked it because it applies to missionaries too. We have no idea how our mission is going to be, until we try our faith by starting it and continuing to do the right things. So remember last week how i said our teachers were going to change. We kept one and got a different one. The new one is a really good at teaching us Spanish, she is just a little strict. We also got a bunch of new missionaries this week. Most of them are from Utah, but of the ones i have talked to there are 3 from out east somewhere. The Utah kids had a funny experience on their way out here. Their pilot in SLC didnt show up, so they had to stay at the provo MTC for a little bit. Then they flew out and were about to land in Guatemala but it was super foggy, so the pilot couldnt land. They had to fly all the way to El Salvador, wait there for 3 hours, then fly back this way. And i thought that my travel was bad. But anyway they are all cool. I only have one more pday in the MTC, so that is kinda interesting. Oh and this past week, a bunch of people got hit with some kind of food poisoning of something, but i was lucky and i escaped it. We listened to the Provo MTC devotional broadcast last night and it was cool. He asked everyone there to say the mission purpose, and everyone here started saying it in Spanish. It was really funny. Any way i cant wait to finally be in Honduras. I did a count of how many people are going to my mission, and there are 13 from the US going there. A lot of the new group of latino hermanas are going there too, but i dont know how many. I have some really cool pictures to send, but these computers dont have SD card slots so ill have wait another 2 weeks. 
Nos Vemos
Elder Jensen

Also, i learned that most countries down here have their own version of the word ¨cool¨ like in Argentina it sounds like copado, in mexico it is chido, and the most important one, in Honduras it sounds like Maziso. Im not sure if i spelled them all right, but i think it is pretty close.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 3

Well, this week has been awesome. I learned so much in a week, and not just in Spanish. We have been practicing lessons in spanish with other districts so much. It is crazy. I think they are changing our teachers today, which is kind of sad. I really liked both of my teachers. They are both from Guatemala, but they were super awesome. Well today, we got to go to Guatemala City Plaza, and it was super cool. We also walked through the oldest cathedral in Guatemala today. It was super big, but the outside was super dirty. We got to place books of mormon today, which kinda made me nervous, but it was super fun. People here are super friendly, and it was awesome talking to this one guy. We were talking to him for about 30 minutes. We found out he was from Quetzaltenango and he was visiting family. The other people we talked to were all super awesome. We also met a bunch of members today who were just walking around which was kinda weird. I bought this really cool tie in the market down there today. Oh, Guatemalan money is super cool. They are called quetzales. They are pretty much full color. And on the 5 quetz bill, there is a clear section. It looks super cool. I am really enjoying the book of mormon right now. It is really awesome. I find stuff in there everyday to help me in my mission, it is amazing. I really like teaching our ¨investigators¨. It always gives me something to focus on either with Spanish or trying to be able to understand a principle more clearly. Today we have a devotional with President Duncan, and it is supposed to be super awesome. We got to have Wendy´s today, and it was amazing. It was a little different than the USA, but still american fast food. Down here they have an oreo frosty. It is amazing. I didnt realize how much i missed fast food. I love Sundays here in the CCM. They are always super awesome and spiritual. This last sunday we watched a Joseph Smith movie, and it was really powerful. This morning another group of the missionaries left for their missions, and that was super awesome. I cant wait to finally go out in the field. Funny story, today there were a bunch of pigeons at the square, and when we got on the bus to go eat we noticed these kids had a bunch of brown streaks on their shirts. We finally realized it was from the pigeons. It was super funny. We went to a food market today, and it was really sketchy. There were flies buzzing around all of the food. It was kinda scary. Well, thats about all i have for this week.