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The Highway Broke


This last week was awesome! We had divisions in Santa Rosa again this week. We had been told on Tuesday night that parts of the highway from here to Santa Rosa had cracked, so we might not be able to go to Santa Rosa. But, we went anyway. We were getting really close to Santa Rosa and still hadn't seen anything, so we were thinking that maybe nothing had happened, or that they had already fixed it. Then, we started seeing tons of semis parked on the side of the road, and we kept going in the bus for about 5 minutes. But, the bus stopped and told everyone to get out because they couldnt keep going, so we got out and started walking. We started seeing cracks in the road, like they had made mini mountains, 1 foot gaps where the road had separated, parts of the read where it had cracked and sunken down about 5 feet. Really crazy! So when we got to the other side of where all the damage had happened, we just took a taxi to the church in Santa Rosa. Apparently, it had been caused…

Real Intent


This week was a great week. We were able to teach several people this week, and find some new people. This past week we taught an investigator named Besi about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. It was an amazing lesson, we could feel the spirit very strongly, and it looked like she was able to as well. She was very receptive and when we were talking to her about the Book of Mormon, she was very interested in reading it too.

We also talked with Alex a little bit about prayer, because he had some questions about that. Prayer is how we communicate with our Heavenly Father. We talked about how we can pray with faith and real intent. Real intent is important when we pray, so that we can receive and recognize our answers. We pray with real intent when we pray to know the answer to something, and we have every intention to act on the answer we receive. A good example of this in the scriptures is in Alma 22. We talked with him a little bit about that, and it seemes l…