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End of the year quiz 2017

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Baleadas
Favorite number: 100
Favorite Candy: Reese's (Even though they don't exist here)
Favorite movie: Captain America 2
Favorite TV show: Agents of Shield (I am missing out on several seasons)
Favorite moment on my mission: When one of the converts in Castaños bore her testimony after her baptism
Favorite thing to do with dad: Talk
Favorite thing to do with mom: Talk
Favorite thing to do with zach: Be a goober
Favorite thing to do with Maggie: Cook
Favorite thing to do with Casey: Hang out
Favorite thing to do with Jill: Listen to her funny one-liners
Favorite thing to do with Anna: Watch movies on the ipad
Favorite thing to do with Emma: Make Cookies
Favorite sport to watch: College Football
Favorite sport to play: All I play right now is Soccer, sooo....
Favorite song: Warriors
Favorite hymn: Nearer, My God To Thee
Favorite Animal: Cougar!
Favorite book: The Book of Mormon, Way of Kings 2
Favorite ice cream flavor: Rocky Road
Favorite Restaurant: Cheesecake…

El Güisayote

This past week was great. We had some awesome experiences with people here.

Yesterday, we visited a less active sister named Florinda Leon. We met her one day walking down the street, we said Buenas Tardes, then she asked us if we were the elders in this area. We were kind of surprised by her question and with a little bit more conversation we found out that she and most of her family had been baptized into the church. But, they had stopped going to church 2 years ago. Yesterday, we shared 2 Nephi 31 with her, and afterwards she told us that she felt a desire to come to church recently but she had been somewhat hesitant. Then, the member we were with shared his testimony of the church, and the spirit was so strong. She told us she would come to church this week and try to bring most of her family with her. It was awesome. We also had 2 investigators that were able to come to church yesterday. We were excited.

We went to a National Park called El Güisayote, which was awesome. It is rea…

A weekend of traveling and meetings

Hey everyone, this past week has been crazy! We had a ton of traveling to do so we didn't have a ton of time to work in the area this week. We invited a ton of people to come to the conference, and 2 inactive members made it so that was super exciting.

7:00 P.M. - What was supposed to be a 2 hour bus ride to Santa Rosa turned into 3 hours when the bus driver decided to drive at the speed of a horse with a limp.
We stayed with the Elders in Santa Rosa for the whole weekend. Santa Rosa is awesome! It has the same weather as Ocotepeque but it is a bigger city.

8:00 P.M. - Hour and 15 minute bus ride to La Entrada de Copan for the Zone meeting that started at 10. We learned a lot about finding new investigators which was something we needed to focus on a little more, especially in this area. We already have some new ideas on how to find some new people to teach.

4:30ish P.M. - Bus ride to Santa Rosa where we had interviews with President Bush. He gave us some ideas on …

The Pueblo Life


This week was awesome and I got to see and learn a little more about Ocotepeque. The city that I am in now is called Nuevo (New) Ocotepeque. That's because the old Ocotepeque was almost completely washed away by a flood. There is still part of that town left, I think we are going to go see it next week. Anyway, the parts of the area that we spend the most time in are 2 towns right next to each other called Nuevo Ocotepeque and Sinuapa, separated by a cool river.

This past week we were looking for a less-active member named Luis Andres Gonzalez. We found him, and started to talk to him. He started to tell us about himself, and we found out that he was the mayor two times here, and also a judge. He is a super cool guy with a lot of stories. There is also a recent convert family here, Familia Peña. They are super cool people that are really following the Savior in their lives.

We have to go to Santa Rosa de Copan (2 and a half hours away in a bus) for several meetings this we…



Transfers were on Wednesday and they were interesting.  We got the call Monday night that we were both being transferred. I was sad to have to say goodbye to some awesome people in Castaños.  The change was interesting because they closed my area, because 1) there were 3 companionships in a ward with an attendance of 120, 2) A lot of missionaries went home last change, and only 6 came in. So, they had to figure out what to do with all of that.
So, I showed up to the changes with my suitcases and all ready to go. My old trainer (who is now one of the secretaries), came up to me and told me that I was going to an area called Ocotepeque. What I knew about that area when he told me was, that it was in the Zone Copan, and really far away. I was super excited. We jumped on the bus to Copan, that was basically a school bus, with a bunch of other missionaries, and I saw one of my friends from the first ward I was in that was training at the same time as me. We started on the trip and s…

Last week of transfers

Sam's week:


This last week was a good one, but a little bit weird. First, we had a multizone meeting, which was really awesome. We learned about how to teach with members a little bit more. It was super good for me because that is something that we are kind of struggling with here.
We also had an interesting day on Wednesday. On our way to lunch we lost our phone, with all of the numbers of the members and investigators in it.  We were able to get a replacement phone that same day, but we lost all of the numbers, so we were running around doing that almost all day.
Then, around 6:00 our landlady called us freaking out and said our house was flooding. We were super scared so we ran back to the house. I was expecting to see water all over the place, but when we opened the door to the apartment, there was just a little bit of water in the bathroom where we had left the faucet open and a little bit in another room. It took us literally 30 minutes to clean everything up. It was ki…