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Bracing ourselves to die of heat

This week was pretty good. We had some good lessons with people. Our investigator, Jackelin, introduced us to her little brother and we are going to start teaching him as well. We also have started teaching Maribel, Emili's mom. She has a lot of questions about the fact that families can be forever. It was super cool. 
This week we also had divisions with the Zone Leaders. It was super great to be able to see a different way to teach people. We also have a multi-zone meeting tomorrow with Valle de Sula, so that should be really awesome. 
Also this is the last week of the change, so I am working hard to try to make the area as good as it can be if I end up leaving next Wednesday. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys your week!

Elder Jensen

2 Baptisms

Happy Easter Everyone! Easter here kind of gets grouped in with the rest of the week. Look up "Alfombras y procesiones semana santa". It is kind of interesting.

This week was ok. This is vacation week here and everyone goes to the beach, so there was hardly anyone at home to teach. The street was completely empty of cars and people. It was super quiet the whole week. But, we were able to visit some people and share the easter video on

On Monday, we had the 2 baptisms and it was super cool. When Emili got baptized she went up to her mom, and said, "Mami, I am baptized now. I feel good!" It was really awesome. Jackelin also said that she felt peace and the drive to go forward in her life.

We also started teaching Emili's mom, and she is progressing slowly. We were able to visit Jorge and Maria again, and Jorge told us that he wants to take the next step and start going to a church, but he wants to be sure he won't let the Lord down.

We also went a…


Sam's week:


This past week was super awesome. Jackelin and Emili are both going to get baptized later today, so I will have other pictures of that next week. Also, this past week, a part-member family asked me if I would baptize their little daughter so I was able to do that, which was super cool. And, there is a family that has been going to church for a long time, but haven't able to get baptized because they were still in the progress of getting married. They finally finished that process on Saturday, and were able to be baptized as a family. It was amazing, and they are so awesome. There were so many missionaries that had a part in their lives, and lots of them were able to come back to this area to see them be baptized.

We also have continued to teach Jorge and Maria. They are doing well, the baby is healthy and everything.

Here in Honduras is the week that they call "Semana Santa" (Holy Week).  This week they make a soup with dried fish and they eat a…

Raining fish and 1,000,000 degrees


This past week was really good. We were able to teach Jackelin and also Emili. It has been amazing to see the change that has happened in Jackelin's life. When we first found her, she was a little bit beat down by life. But, now she is so happy, and she has a hope for her life that she didn't have before. We are still teaching Jorge and Maria, and they are awesome. Jorge has a desire to change his life, he is just is a little scared that he will mess up and he doesn't want that. But, when we mess up there is always a chance to come back to the correct path. Through the Savior, Jesus Christ, we can truly change, even when we continue to mess up. We can continue to pick ourselves back up, and continue to do what we know is right.
Also, this week was the hottest week I have had since being here. The fans have stopped helping, because all they do now is blow hot air on us, and it is worse than not having any fan at all. But, we are finding other ways to cool off. Eating …