Monday, October 24, 2016

Rain in San Pedro Sula

Alright it was a great week this week. Really rainy, but really good. I think it rained every day which made all the roads here turn into rivers. But, this week was awesome even with all the rain. We worked a lot with less actives this week, because a lot of lessons fell through. We didn't get to contact much this week, because when it is raining, nobody does anything but stay inside on their couch and watch telenovelas. My birthday came and went, it felt weird away from home. We went to visit a member family with a less active dad, and it turned into us helping him make juice. Oh, the juice this family makes is the best juice I have ever tried. It doesn't matter what kind of juice, it is the best. This family is really awesome. They have a son in Brazil right now serving a mission, so they always help us out when they can. Lester Garcia is really progressing. He has such a great story, I am always amazed at how far he has come. We went and mowed a lot of lawns this week. And by mowing lawns I mean cutting the grass with a machete. It is fun, but it is always really hot when we do it. Oh, and I made my first baleada this week. It was pretty average. I need to learn how to do it because they are so good.
Funny Stories
1.  We were walking down the street when we hear somebody yell, "Hermanos Venganse!" (Brothers, come here). We turn and look, and we see some guy leaning over his fence swinging a knife around in front of him. We told him no thank you. Then, he put the knife in his pocket and told us to go again. We took one step and the knife was back out. This went on for about 2 minutes, him telling us "come here" us saying "put the knife away" just over and over again. We were pretty sure he was high or something.
2. We got called by a member to take something over to another members house, but we didnt know what it was. When we got there, it was a little stroller for their kid. So we were walking through the streets of the most dangerous city in the world with a little baby stroller. I have no idea what the people must have been thinking when they saw us.

Topogiggios- It is pronounced like Top-o-yee-yos. It is milk, sugar, and whatever you want to put in it. Bananas, chocolate, coconut..... Then you pour it into a little bag, freeze it, and eat it like it is a popsicle. They are really good, especially when it is hot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Week Long of Contacting

Alright, great week this week. We had some lessons fall through but that is ok. We did so much contacting this week, trying to find some new people to teach. We ended up 10 short of the mission record, but we didnt know till yesterday. We have a lot of cool stories from the people here. Each one has a different story, lots of them are incredible.  Each person's life here is different and that is really what I have been trying to focus on, teaching the lessons to help them in their lives, not just saying words. Lester Garcia is our main focus this week, and he should get baptized this week if everything goes well. I really have learned a lot about prayer while I have been here in Honduras. One of my favorite scriptures is in 2 Nephi 32:9. It talks about praying always, and I have been trying to do that. I am always asking for help to know what to say, and how to say it. Anyways, we have been doing great here, and it is always raining here now.

Funny Story
There was this drunk guy riding his bike with a little cart thing that was full of trash. He stopped us and said hi, then started telling us his trash was really expensive "in this country." After that he tried to get us to buy his trash, and when we said no thank you, he told us he would see us in "el infierno", but he said it really happily. It was really weird.

Pollo Chuco- Fried chicken, with fried plantains, covered in this really good sauce. Really messy, but really good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Area: Smith 1

Ok. Super busy week. So this last week we had to move areas but we stayed in the same ward. The new area is called Smith 1 and it takes in the neighborhoods Barandillas and Barrio Smith. We found someone with a car to help us move everything so that was a big help. The new apartment is really good, it is a lot bigger than the old one. The only bad thing is that there are 3 dogs that are owned by the land lord. 1 of them is super chill, Sacha, and really awesome. The other two are little rat dogs named Chispa and Toto that never stop barking. The area has a lot more people just walking around, and it is a little bit nicer, so we will see how that plays out. We have 4 investigators who are progressing pretty well, Lester Garcia, Armando Martinez, and Jose and Esperanza. Lester is making progress slowly but surely, he has come to church a lot and is friends with several members. Armando has only come to church 1 time but always is asking questions about the church and is really interested. Jose and Esperanza are awesome, they have also come to church a lot and are always asking questions about families and things like that. It is really cool to see the differences in their lives when they apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
The other day we were helping some people move, and they wanted a dresser upstairs, but it didnt fit up the stairs because there was a ledge and no way to get around it. First we cut the feet off of the bottom of the dresser, but that still didnt work. Then, we just decided, "Hey, lets cut it in half. There is a half of drawers, and a closet." So we cut it in half, and got both pieces up the stairs. Then we "fixed" it. I would send pictures of it, but my sd card is being weird and won't let me. After 3 hours of this, we taught a lesson to this older couple, completely dirty and sweaty and tired. But, it was one of the best lessons we have taught.
Today, we got to go to a waterfall called Pulhapanzak. It was super awesome and we actually met some americans while we were there which was weird. I haven't seen any americans who weren't missionaries since getting here. 

Funny Stories
1. We found someone who has a dryer. It was the first dryer that I have seen since getting here. I never thought I would get excited about seeing a dryer.
2. The other day, we were going around trying to find out where all the members of the church lived. We went and talked to this one family and then left. Not 5 minutes later, they called us and said, "Do you guys have dinner today, tell me the truth." We said, "No?" she said, "Good, I have some baleadas for you, come back to the house in 10 minutes to come and get them."

1. Pastelitos- these are kind of like empanadas, and they are so good. My favorite are the ones with carne asada and rice.
2. Banana Soda- I think i already talked about this, but it is sooooo good. If you can find some in the US you should try it.
3. Chokis- kind of like chips ahoy, but better.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Transfer is Gone

Well, those first 6 weeks went by fast. I am doing super good, and Spanish is still not where I want it to be, but it is getting better. So, my trainer and I are switching areas with the other elders in the ward, so I am moving to a new area. It is going to be a lot of work. Basically, because of my comps health, we are swapping areas.  My comp can't be in certain conditions that are in our current area but he doesn't have to go home.
We had conference this past weekend, and it was really good.  We watched one of the sessions in Spanish on a projector, some on a tv at the stake center in english, and some on a computer in English.  I learned a lot about prayer. Most of our people we have been teaching for a little while are kind of stuck, and it is kind of hard because we dont know what to do next, so we are trying to figure out some other way to teach them more. But we have a bunch of new investigators that are really progressing quickly. One of them is from a band from Honduras called Banda Blanca, he was the old guitarist for them, one of their songs is pretty popular it is called Sopa de Caracol I think. His name is Armando. We have knocked so many doors this past week, it was crazy. One scripture I really liked from the past week was Romans 5:3-5. It talks a lot about how through trials, we are given experience and hope. That is something I have really been trying to keep in mind anytime I get discouraged. 
Funny Stories
1. The other day we had been knocking doors for an hour, and nothing was happening. Nobody even came to open the door. We had just given up when we hear from down the street someone yell,"Hermanos!" We turn around and this lady walks up to us and starts telling us about how she hasnt been to church in a while but she wants to go now, and how she wants her 12 year old daughter to be baptized. It was super funny because we had just spent an hour trying to find someone to teach, but then they found us.
-Really good brand of Apple and pear juice that I found the other day
-Aloe Vera juice, really weird because it has chunks of aloe vera in it, but it tastes like grape juice
-Inca Kola, kinda tastes like CocaCola but the color is like cream soda
- Minimos, they are little tiny bananas that are sweeter than normal ones, but really good
- Pupusas, they are originally from El Salvador i think. I dont know how to describe them but they are sooooooo good.