Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo

Alright things are going well here in Honduras. We had a super good Christmas. There are a few families here who are super good. They always give us food, and they let us use their computer/wifi to call the family. It was super good to talk. It made me want to be able to find more families that can have the same blessings from the gospel.
This past week in the mission, we had a meeting with our zone San Pedro, and the zone Valle de Sula. It was about christmas, and how we can be more like Christ. Especially this time of year, we focus on Christ. It's always super good to evaluate where we are, and then try to better ourselves. We also had a bunch of Christmas songs from the missionaries here. I played piano for the meeting. It was Carol of the Bells, I was surprised I could still play it has been 5 months since I have practiced piano regularly. This week is the end of the transfer, so we will find out later tonight which of us is leaving the area. Right now it is looking like I will stay here in the area for at least 6 more weeks, maybe 12. But we still don'
t know. Also, the 24th here is super cool, there are a lot of fireworks all day. But at midnight, everyone starts lighting every firework they have and there is so much noise, and smoke in the air. It was super cool. I think Santa may have been shot down last night.

TAMALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super good. 
The biggest baleada ever!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

         Well, its been a good week here in Honduras. It was kind of a long week because a lot of our lessons fell through, but we still tried hard to contact and find some new people to teach. Our investigators are still going well, but we found out that Leyni Garcia has to move. She is moving to a town in the mission San Pedro Sula East, so we are hoping the Elders there can find her and be able to teach her more. She really wants to learn more, and she wants to follow Christ as closely as possible. This is technically the last week of the change, but we wont find out what is going on till the 28th. We have been teaching families here about the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means for us. Every time we teach people about the purpose of Christmas it is so spiritual and we can really feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for us. Yesterday we were having a lesson with a family in the ward, Familia Elvir, and we were talking about Christmas. We started talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how through him not only can we be cleansed from our sins, but that we can also be comforted in our trials, bad feelings, and sicknesses. It was really powerful because we found out that the mom has been going through cancer treatment. The spirit bore testimony to her of the truth and power of the atonement, and everybody was feeling the presence of the spirit, down to the 7 year old little girl. It was amazing.
 In other news, my shoe has a hole in its sole now. So, we can check off that milestone. But other than that, everything has been going well here.

Nothing yet. I am just excited for a whole weekend of TAMALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Never ending heat and chicken feet

¿Que Tal?
This week was a good one here in Honduras. The weather looks like it might change a little bit so that is good. This week we had stake conference, and it was really good. They really focused on doing the little things like reading and studying the scriptures, and praying sincerely every day. These are the things that build faith every day. Just something I got out of the Stake Conference.
This week we had the Christmas party for the ward and it was super cool. The christmas music here is super different than back home. They have a lot of merengue (I think that is what they were calling it). Lots of the ward went.
This week we also went to a house of one of our investigator families to paint their house. We painted almost their whole house just with brushes, it took forever. It was good though, they gave us baleadas and pastelitos. They are a super cool family, and we are hoping they will progress. Leyni is really good, she is almost done with 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and we are really excited. She is awesome and really wants to follow Jesus Christ. We did a lot of contacting this week too, and we talked to everybody about #LighttheWorld the church is doing. It is really great, because we really can share the light that we have by serving others. We have been looking for opportunities to serve more so we can be an example to others.
Funny Story
There is this dog, I am pretty sure it has a demon inside it, that is always at the end of our street. And the other day, it was there at the end of the street barking and growling like normal. Then one of my comps started running at the dog, and the dog went to turn around to start running and smacked its head on the back of a car so hard and i think it knocked itself out. We all busted up laughing. The security guard at the end of our street was drinking a coke when it happened and he snorted it out of his nose.
This week a member bought us some food. We got there and there are 2 gigantic plates of pollo chuco (chicken with fried plantains and a lot of sauce). Seriously I think 3 people could have eaten from one plate. It was really good. But, as we were eating we found these things in the sauce. And it turns out they were chicken feet. No we didnt eat them, but I almost did just to be able to say that I have eaten chicken feet.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Just when it was starting to cool off

Alright, we had a pretty good week this week. Last week it was kind of starting to cool off, but this week was an oven. Sometimes more than an oven. We were almost dying. We taught more of the people that we had found. We are really working hard with 2 of them. One of them is Leyni Garcia. She is super cool, and really wants to learn more about the church. She came to church this past Sunday and had a ton of questions about it afterwards. The other one is named Manger, and he is super cool. When we cross the Bridge from El Roble to Castaños, we pass him. He is always selling Elotes, grilled corn. One day he called us over and we taught him a little bit. The second lesson he told us that he hadn't been selling hardly any corn. So, when he prayed, one of the first times he had ever prayed, he prayed to have success selling the corn. Whenever we pass him now, he is selling like crazy, and when he sees us he gives us a thumbs up and smiles. We are still working to get him to church, but it is kind of hard because he helps take care of horses on Sunday. So, we are doing really well. 
We watched the Christmas devotional with the same family that gave us Thanksgiving dinner, so that was really good. This time of year is one to be happy. One of the ways to be happy is by looking outward from yourself, and serving others. Here on the mission,  I have noticed that when I am thinking about how I feel, that is when I can start feeling sad. But, when I focus on what other people are feeling and how I can help them, that is when I am happiest. This time of year is to celebrate Christ's birth. There is a video about serving others on, the video is super good and everyone should watch it. Anyway, everyone have a good week!

Funny Story
1. We were talking to a few people on the street and this guy came up to us and started talking to us too. It started out fine and normal, but then he asked us if our church believed in talking in tongues. We were all like yeah, and Elder Trujillo pointed at me. The guy said, "No, talk in angelical languages." We said we didnt know what he was talking about. He started telling us this story about how one time he was sitting in church, and this light entered his eyes, and he started talking in a language that he didnt know. This lady asked him what language he was speaking, he said,"I think it was arabic, or hebrew." The lady asked if the people there could understand him. And he said that they could. She said," Oh, then you were around a bunch of people from that area of the world." He said no, got really frustrated, and didnt know what to say. Then he just stormed off. it was kinda weird.

Sopa de Caracol- This is one of the soups that Honduras is known for, there is even a song about it. It is made with conch (i think) meat, shrimp, yucca, and green plantains. It is really good. why people in honduras are making soup when it is 100 degrees, i dont know. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

From: Gated Communities of Honduras

What up?
Alright, the area of Castaños is doing good. We still are having a little bit of trouble getting in to the streets that have the gates on them. But, sometimes we tell the guards a name so he lets us in to the street. The funny part is that the person that we tell the guard that we are going to visit doesn´t exist. We dont always do this, just part of the time. But, we are doing really well at finding new people for us to teach. We have several new people that look like they are really interested. So, i started off the day of Thanksgiving kind of sad because I thought we probably weren´t going to have any kind of Thanksgiving dinner. But I went through the day like normal, and at 5 in the afternoon this family from this super nice neighborhood in the ward called us and said for us to meet them at this Grocery store in the area at around 7:15. So, we all had no idea what was going on. Then we got there and the other missionaries from the ward were there too. The family pulls up in a car, and they take us to their house for Thanksgiving. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, all the normal stuff that they could find for us. It was great. Ok, i learned a lot about faith this week. Sometimes we say "I have faith" and then sit and wait for our situation to change. I learned this week that we need to do something to show our faith. Whether that be changing something we are doing, or working hard at something. Then, after we have done all that we can do, our Heavenly Father will help us with what we are asking. Sometimes in the mission when I feel like I am not teaching very well, or that I am struggling with something, I pray for the help and strength to be able to change. And when I know that I have done everything that I can do, I can feel that Heavenly Father is helping me with what i have asked for. It is like a leap of faith. We need to jump to receive help. Well, that is what i have for this week. Que Le Vaya bien

Funny Stories
1. We knocked on this door and the lady yelled from inside the house "who is it". We told her "the friends of your best friend". She yelled "who?", we said "the friends of your best friend". She asked who her best friend was, and we said, "He is our best friend too, his name is Jesus Christ and we have message to share with you about him". There was a little moment of silence, then the lady inside the house just busted up laughing. We talked to her for about 5 minutes, but she is a really strong Catholic so she didnt want us to come back.

1. I made tortillas for the first time, and i tried to do it the way the people do it here. They take the ball of tortilla dough, flatten it just a little bit in their hands, and then they put it in the palm of their hand, and they start clapping. I dont know how but in 10 seconds they have a tortilla shape. Mine looked awful. So i just stretched it out on a plate.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Well, I was transferred from my area. We were both really surprised that I was the one who was leaving. But I am still in the same zone, San Pedro Sula, so that is cool. My area now is called Castaños, and this area is going to be difficult. About 60% of the streets in the area have a gate thing that closes it and we have to have an invitation from someone in the street for the security guard to let us in. I am in a trio, but probably only for a little bit. One of them is from El Salvador and the other is from Ecuador. But, this area is also really good. People here are receptive when we are able to talk to them. We are starting almost completely from scratch in this area, so we have been really focusing on finding people for us to teach. But, the whole thing with the gates on the streets makes it a little hard. We have already found several investigators who seem promising. Our area is kind of like 2 different areas, because we have part of the area that has 2 "colonias", basically like big neighborhoods, El Roble and Buenos Aires. Then to get to the other part of our area we have to cross a big bridge and walk for 15 minutes to get to the other 2 colonias, Castaños and Villas del Campo. Not too much of a walk between the 2, it just seems like there is a division between the two parts of the area. The house here is good, it is a little bit smaller than the old one, but still pretty big. For the past week it has rained almost all day every day. But it is really nice because it cools off when it rains. Well, that is about all I have for this week.

Funny Stories
1. We contacted this one house that had the door open, and we started talking to this lady. We asked her if she had time for us to teach her. She said no because her dog bit her so she cant walk. Then we asked her if her son would like us to talk with him. There was a pause, and then she said that he was sick, and all of a sudden he started yelling "AHHHHHH" "OWWWW". We just looked at each other and started laughing and walked away.
2. We contacted this other house and 10 year old said he was the only one home, then from farther back in the house someone yells "Quien es?!"(who is it). Then the kid went and told them and this old lady comes walking down the hallway saying "no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no" And literally nothing else. We just shrugged out shoulders.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Done with training

Well, i am officially done with training on Wednesday. Transfers are also that day, so I will probably get a new companion. It is most likely that I will stayin the area that i am in for at least 6 more weeks. This area is awesome,it is in the city,but it is pretty calm compared with other parts or San Pedro Sula that I have seen. The families here are awesome. This past week was pretty good. We almost baptized Lester Garcia this last week, but his friend was in a motorcylce accident so he was with him. We are hoping he will be able to this week, he is a really good guy, and he just wants to follow Christ and make his life better. Tomorrow all of the new missionaries that are coming get here. We get to go and work with them for the day so that will be fun. Looking back on the past 12 weeks, i realized that I have learned a lot. At the beginning walking down the street and talking to complete strangers was really hard for me,and now i hardly even think about it. I have learned a lot of spanish, there are only a handful of people that i cant understand. I can talk a lot better than i used to be able to so that has been awesome. Im really excited for this next transfer and to see what happens.

Funny Story
This last week we were getting the baptismal font ready, and we realized the water from last week was still there and it was all dirty. So we had to get the water out using the trashcans from the church, then we went and dumped them out.One missionary from the other area slipped and fell into the font.

Ignacio Dulce- Dessert nachos

I fixed my old sd card so here are some pictures from that waterfall Pulhapanzak we went to.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Training almost done

This week was really long, but it ended super well. Someone we were teaching got baptized! His name is Jose Armando Mejia, and he is one of the most converted people I have met. His friend who is a recent convert to the church was able to baptize him. They are both awesome people. His life story is crazy, I dont know how some of the people that I have met here would be able to turn their lives around from where they were without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I do know that with Jesus Christ, anyone can return to the right path in their lives. Because I couldn't go outside and work this week because of the whole surgery thing, I read a lot of scriptures, and I learned a lot about trials. I learned that when we have trials, we shouldnt expect or ask Heavenly Father to take our trials away, or to make it so the trial doesn't matter, or that the trial is just kind of there. We should pray to be able to handle the trial with strength, and to be able to bear the trial and learn from it. Every trial we have should teach us something different, it may be something small, but we should be able learn something that our Father in Heaven wants us to know. When we have trials is when we are able to learn the most. 
In other news, i have just one week left of my training. I will probably stay in the area i am in for another six weeks, but with a different elder. But, we are having a good time here in San Pedro Sula.

Milojin- It is like a crispy, puffy tortilla thing covered in cinnamon sugar
Tacos Flautas- really good, especially with chipotle sauce.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rain in San Pedro Sula

Alright it was a great week this week. Really rainy, but really good. I think it rained every day which made all the roads here turn into rivers. But, this week was awesome even with all the rain. We worked a lot with less actives this week, because a lot of lessons fell through. We didn't get to contact much this week, because when it is raining, nobody does anything but stay inside on their couch and watch telenovelas. My birthday came and went, it felt weird away from home. We went to visit a member family with a less active dad, and it turned into us helping him make juice. Oh, the juice this family makes is the best juice I have ever tried. It doesn't matter what kind of juice, it is the best. This family is really awesome. They have a son in Brazil right now serving a mission, so they always help us out when they can. Lester Garcia is really progressing. He has such a great story, I am always amazed at how far he has come. We went and mowed a lot of lawns this week. And by mowing lawns I mean cutting the grass with a machete. It is fun, but it is always really hot when we do it. Oh, and I made my first baleada this week. It was pretty average. I need to learn how to do it because they are so good.
Funny Stories
1.  We were walking down the street when we hear somebody yell, "Hermanos Venganse!" (Brothers, come here). We turn and look, and we see some guy leaning over his fence swinging a knife around in front of him. We told him no thank you. Then, he put the knife in his pocket and told us to go again. We took one step and the knife was back out. This went on for about 2 minutes, him telling us "come here" us saying "put the knife away" just over and over again. We were pretty sure he was high or something.
2. We got called by a member to take something over to another members house, but we didnt know what it was. When we got there, it was a little stroller for their kid. So we were walking through the streets of the most dangerous city in the world with a little baby stroller. I have no idea what the people must have been thinking when they saw us.

Topogiggios- It is pronounced like Top-o-yee-yos. It is milk, sugar, and whatever you want to put in it. Bananas, chocolate, coconut..... Then you pour it into a little bag, freeze it, and eat it like it is a popsicle. They are really good, especially when it is hot.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Week Long of Contacting

Alright, great week this week. We had some lessons fall through but that is ok. We did so much contacting this week, trying to find some new people to teach. We ended up 10 short of the mission record, but we didnt know till yesterday. We have a lot of cool stories from the people here. Each one has a different story, lots of them are incredible.  Each person's life here is different and that is really what I have been trying to focus on, teaching the lessons to help them in their lives, not just saying words. Lester Garcia is our main focus this week, and he should get baptized this week if everything goes well. I really have learned a lot about prayer while I have been here in Honduras. One of my favorite scriptures is in 2 Nephi 32:9. It talks about praying always, and I have been trying to do that. I am always asking for help to know what to say, and how to say it. Anyways, we have been doing great here, and it is always raining here now.

Funny Story
There was this drunk guy riding his bike with a little cart thing that was full of trash. He stopped us and said hi, then started telling us his trash was really expensive "in this country." After that he tried to get us to buy his trash, and when we said no thank you, he told us he would see us in "el infierno", but he said it really happily. It was really weird.

Pollo Chuco- Fried chicken, with fried plantains, covered in this really good sauce. Really messy, but really good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Area: Smith 1

Ok. Super busy week. So this last week we had to move areas but we stayed in the same ward. The new area is called Smith 1 and it takes in the neighborhoods Barandillas and Barrio Smith. We found someone with a car to help us move everything so that was a big help. The new apartment is really good, it is a lot bigger than the old one. The only bad thing is that there are 3 dogs that are owned by the land lord. 1 of them is super chill, Sacha, and really awesome. The other two are little rat dogs named Chispa and Toto that never stop barking. The area has a lot more people just walking around, and it is a little bit nicer, so we will see how that plays out. We have 4 investigators who are progressing pretty well, Lester Garcia, Armando Martinez, and Jose and Esperanza. Lester is making progress slowly but surely, he has come to church a lot and is friends with several members. Armando has only come to church 1 time but always is asking questions about the church and is really interested. Jose and Esperanza are awesome, they have also come to church a lot and are always asking questions about families and things like that. It is really cool to see the differences in their lives when they apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.
The other day we were helping some people move, and they wanted a dresser upstairs, but it didnt fit up the stairs because there was a ledge and no way to get around it. First we cut the feet off of the bottom of the dresser, but that still didnt work. Then, we just decided, "Hey, lets cut it in half. There is a half of drawers, and a closet." So we cut it in half, and got both pieces up the stairs. Then we "fixed" it. I would send pictures of it, but my sd card is being weird and won't let me. After 3 hours of this, we taught a lesson to this older couple, completely dirty and sweaty and tired. But, it was one of the best lessons we have taught.
Today, we got to go to a waterfall called Pulhapanzak. It was super awesome and we actually met some americans while we were there which was weird. I haven't seen any americans who weren't missionaries since getting here. 

Funny Stories
1. We found someone who has a dryer. It was the first dryer that I have seen since getting here. I never thought I would get excited about seeing a dryer.
2. The other day, we were going around trying to find out where all the members of the church lived. We went and talked to this one family and then left. Not 5 minutes later, they called us and said, "Do you guys have dinner today, tell me the truth." We said, "No?" she said, "Good, I have some baleadas for you, come back to the house in 10 minutes to come and get them."

1. Pastelitos- these are kind of like empanadas, and they are so good. My favorite are the ones with carne asada and rice.
2. Banana Soda- I think i already talked about this, but it is sooooo good. If you can find some in the US you should try it.
3. Chokis- kind of like chips ahoy, but better.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Transfer is Gone

Well, those first 6 weeks went by fast. I am doing super good, and Spanish is still not where I want it to be, but it is getting better. So, my trainer and I are switching areas with the other elders in the ward, so I am moving to a new area. It is going to be a lot of work. Basically, because of my comps health, we are swapping areas.  My comp can't be in certain conditions that are in our current area but he doesn't have to go home.
We had conference this past weekend, and it was really good.  We watched one of the sessions in Spanish on a projector, some on a tv at the stake center in english, and some on a computer in English.  I learned a lot about prayer. Most of our people we have been teaching for a little while are kind of stuck, and it is kind of hard because we dont know what to do next, so we are trying to figure out some other way to teach them more. But we have a bunch of new investigators that are really progressing quickly. One of them is from a band from Honduras called Banda Blanca, he was the old guitarist for them, one of their songs is pretty popular it is called Sopa de Caracol I think. His name is Armando. We have knocked so many doors this past week, it was crazy. One scripture I really liked from the past week was Romans 5:3-5. It talks a lot about how through trials, we are given experience and hope. That is something I have really been trying to keep in mind anytime I get discouraged. 
Funny Stories
1. The other day we had been knocking doors for an hour, and nothing was happening. Nobody even came to open the door. We had just given up when we hear from down the street someone yell,"Hermanos!" We turn around and this lady walks up to us and starts telling us about how she hasnt been to church in a while but she wants to go now, and how she wants her 12 year old daughter to be baptized. It was super funny because we had just spent an hour trying to find someone to teach, but then they found us.
-Really good brand of Apple and pear juice that I found the other day
-Aloe Vera juice, really weird because it has chunks of aloe vera in it, but it tastes like grape juice
-Inca Kola, kinda tastes like CocaCola but the color is like cream soda
- Minimos, they are little tiny bananas that are sweeter than normal ones, but really good
- Pupusas, they are originally from El Salvador i think. I dont know how to describe them but they are sooooooo good.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Todo Cheque

It was a really good week this week. We focused a lot on finding more people this week, and it paid off. We have 6 new investigators that we are teaching. One of them is super good, he is a barber. He was super receptive and was asking a lot of questions. Juan Ramon Fajardo told us he wanted some more time, so we are still working with him. We have been working a lot this week with less actives and those lessons are always really good.   My Spanish is making really big strides, the only thing that I am struggling with is when someone asks me a direct question. Street contacting is getting a lot easier.
I have some funny stories this week. I had to give a talk at a baptism the other elders in our ward had. Everyone was nodding during it, so I think that means I was saying some good stuff. I was nervous beforehand but it was good.
1. On Wednesday, we stopped to help a guy change a tire on our way home from lunch. On Thursday, there was another person who needed a tire change in the exact same spot, at the same time. We just looked at each other and said, again?
2. We always see this lady in our area carrying around an empty quart container of ice cream. Which wouldn´t be super weird, but she wears it on her head like a hat. We talked to her the other day.
3. The other day we were with this 20 year old member from the ward and this old lady comes up to us and tells my comp he has beautiful eyes, the member is guapo, and that i was guapo too. We alll just looked at each other, then said Adios and kept walking.
4. We were contacting the other day, and we start talking to this guy. He cut us off and said that he was "lost" and didnt want to be found, that he was with the devil, but he was super calm and not super weird about it. We just walked off and had a good laugh.
Food update:
1. BALEADAS. We found these huge, like the tortillas area little bigger than cafe rio, ones that are sooo good. I like the ones with eggs, mantequilla, beans, and cheese. I have had 7 of them since wednesday
2. Quequitos, they are like prepackaged muffins but not as sweet.
3. Tamales. First since being down here, they were super good. 
4. Jugitos (little juices). they cost 1 lempira, which is 5 cents. It tastes like melted otter pops.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Update from Honduras

Sam was short on time this week so he asked me to piece together from emails he sent to us.  So, it may be a little choppy and all, but we love to hear about the experiences he is having.

So, last week we had an area conference with Elder Alonso who is the area authority for the church in Central America.  It was great.  Elder Alonso taught me a lot even though I couldn't understand all of it.  He spoke about teaching with the spirit, and the role of the spirit in our lessons.  I am really trying to apply what he said, and it has already helped in lessons.

Last Friday night, we got called to give blessing to a less active sister who had had an operation and wasn't feeling very well. We had no idea where she lived so first we had to track down her house, and it was on this path down behind a pulpería in the really poor part of our área called El Bordo. We walked in and talked to her for a little while and the whole time I was thinking, I don't know if I will be able to give an adequate blessing in Spanish. Then we asked her which part she wanted each of us to do. I was chosen for the sealing and the blessing, and leading right up to before I had to start speaking, I was praying, Heavenly Father, Please help me to be able to give a blessing to this Sister. I know my Spanish isn't great, but I have faith that I can be helped in this thing. Then, right after I started the blessing an overpowering sense of calm and peace came over me. My Spanish wasn't perfect, but I was able to say the things the spirit wanted me to say, and what the Sister needed from the blessing. It was amazing. I was so full of energy right after we were done, which was weird because it was 8oclock at night after a super long day.
Our investigators are coming along well.  Pretty certain we will have a baptism this week, but we had to push the other one back a week because he couldn't make it to church, and he was out of town a lot this week.  Another investigator is difficult to teach because his work schedule isn't fixed, so we don't get to teach him as much as we need to.  My favorite thing on my mission is that I get to teach people and see the way the gospel of Jesus Christ helps them in their lives.  The hardest thing to do is street contact.  If you could pray to help me learn how to communicate better, that would be great.
My trainer and I are going to the hospital sometime this week to get some results back.  He has been so sick, but is doing a little better this week.  If there is any way he can stay, he will. 

Our day consists of walking and sweating a lot.  We go from appointment to appointment a lot, with street contacting in between.  Also, president gave our zone permission to go to Puerto Cortes today. It is a beach and it is super cool, but pretty dirty. I had a whole fried fish and it was good. Also, last Thursday I was super sick, I could only work till 2, then we had to go back because my stomach hurt so bad and I was sick to my stomach every 30 minutes. That night, I threw up 3 times and had some diarrhea. But I was better by 12 on friday. I don't know what happened, but it was terrible.

At home we mainly eat rice, beans, platanos, and sometimes eggs.  No tortillas yet, but I am in the process of getting you guys an awesome refried beans recipe.  (I had asked him if he had mastered the art of homemade tortillas yet.)  Maggie, no gross foods this week.  My least favorite juice is nanza juice. 
My ward is great.  They are really helpful.  Most of the time we have about 140 people at church. 
I hope you all have a really good week. This past week has been super good for me.

Nos Vemos,
Elder Jensen

Friday, September 9, 2016

Early P-day

Well, it has only been three days since the last pday so, this will probably be a little short.  Elder Alonso, the area authority is coming Monday, so we had pday today.
Ok, we have 3 super good investigators we are teaching. The first one is Juan-Ramon Fajardo. He is super good, and he works in construction. When, we go over to teach him, he basically teaches the lesson himself. We were at church on Sunday, and in one of the classes he answered literally every question and all of answers were super good. He lives with his daughter who is a member of the church. The next one is Julio Cesar, and he is super awesome. He lives by himself, and he is a civil engineer. He always has really good questions about the Gospel. The only thing that is a struggle with teaching him is his job, his schedule is a little erratic, but this past week it has been a little harder because his son is sick. The other one is Lester Garcia, and he has really come a long way in life. He used to be an alcoholic and that kind of ruined his life. But now, he has shaken all of that off. He is a really good guy, he is always super friendly and we see him in our area when we are walking around all the time. It is really awesome to see the difference the gospel has made not only in his life, but in the others lives as well.
In other news, they have this Banana Soda from down here and it is super good. I also had to eat this soup called Mondongo. The soup itself actually tasted really good. But the meat was slimy and disgusting, mainly because it is the lining of a cow´s stomach. That was the only food that i didnt like this week. The food we always have for dinner is really simple, but i really like it. It is platanos(fried plantains), with refried beans, mantequilla(kinda like sour cream, but waaaayyyyy better), avocado, eggs, and carne asada. So, down here there are so many different kinds of bananas and plantains. And you use each one for something different. I dont know all of the different kinds, but they are all super good. Food here is really cheap, unless it is fast food. Fast food is kinda high class here.
We went and taught with the mission president on Tuesday and it was really good, because i got to see how he teaches, and i am going to try some ideas i got from him. We also found this store that made me forget i was in Honduras while we were in it. It is called Los Andes, and it is sooooo nice. It looks like a super nice grocery store from America, and all the food there is american and in English so it was really great. Well that is all I have for the past 3 days.
Nos Vemos Mis Amigos

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hola from Honduras

Alright. Super good week this week. Lots of lessons, lots of walking. church is always a little interesting because i have to play piano every week. We have three really good guys that we are teaching right now, and it is really cool to see their lives improve because of the gospel. We had to go to the hospital 3 times because my trainer has developed a bunch of allergies since being out here. Gluten, lactose, nuts, cherries, and garlic. I am always super tired, because we have to walk everywhere, unless we are going to the stake center or hospital. But, my shoes are still in pretty good shape. The other day, it was raining when we had to start walking home that night, and we were at the church building which is about a 20ish minute walk. It was pouring, and had been for a while. So we wait a couple minutes to see if it would let up, but it didnt so we just started walking. here there is no drainage system for the roads so when it rains, they turn into mini rivers. And i forgot any kind of rain protection, so we were walking home in a downpour for 25ish minutes. Sometimes the roads were more than ankle deep of water. It was super crazy. My spanish is coming along better and better, understanding is still a lot easier than replying but still making progress. The situation with water is annoying, because the only thing i can use the tap water for is a shower. We have to use the pure water from a 5 gallon jug for everything else. Ok some kinda quirky things about honduras: No one here has carpet it is all tile, squeezing 20 people into what used to be a 9 person volkswagen van is normal and is called a "rapidito", the typical breakfast and the typical dinner are pretty much the same ( the only difference is you had a little bit of carne asada to dinner), on almost every corner there is a mini convenience store called a pulperia, milk and juice and water can come in bags, and soda comes in 500ml, 1 L, 1.25 L, 1.5 L, 2 L, 2.5 L, and 3L sizes. It is super awesome down here. the people are always really nice, and most of them are understanding about me not knowing spanish super well. Oh and tonight my trainer volunteered us to try Mondongo soup. You can look that up if you want to see how much fun it will be 😬. I havent had to wash my clothes by hand yet, so that has been really nice. I really like the verse in the book of mormon, ether 12:6. It talks about how we need to test our faith before we receive an answer or blessing. It is really good to apply in my life here because i need to test my Spanish more to be able to speak it better. there are a lot of applications of that and it is really cool to see that. 

Que le vaya bien
Elder Jensen

Monday, August 29, 2016


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Last week emailing in the MTC!

Last pday in the MTC!!!!!!!!! It has been a really good experience here. I have learned so much and i can`t wait to go out into the field. I leave Tuesday morning for Honduras. I dont know what time yet but i am pretty sure it will be early. We had two videos on Sunday that were both really awesome. One was from Elder Holland and the other was from Elder Bednar.  They both really made me excited to go out to honduras and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 In our rooms we have fans and this week everyone was stealing everyone elses fan. Everyone at one point had 2 other rooms fans, and some rooms had 0 fans. 
My Spanish is continuing to make huge strides. I can express myself a lot more now.  I really like talking to all of the Latinos down here. They are all super funny. I can actually talk to them most of the time which is awesome. All of  my group of guys are ready to get out of here and actually start doing stuff. I am super excited to go to Honduras and start talking to people. i get the last trip to the store today to get american junk food today, so that is exciting. This week i had several good lessons teaching.  Sorry this email is super short. There wasnt a lot that happened this week.

Jill asked, so here is a short testimony in Spanish.
Yo se que este Iglesia es verdadero, y Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo se el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y fue traducido de Jose Smith. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador. En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


So, it has been a super awesome week here in Guatemala City. The weather here has been kinda like Missouri. We just get a lot more rain, and it cools off more at night. Anyway, my Spanish has progressed the most it has since i have been here. It is super exciting. Sundays here are the best. We always have really good classes during the day. This last week we had a class about trials of faith. I really liked it because it applies to missionaries too. We have no idea how our mission is going to be, until we try our faith by starting it and continuing to do the right things. So remember last week how i said our teachers were going to change. We kept one and got a different one. The new one is a really good at teaching us Spanish, she is just a little strict. We also got a bunch of new missionaries this week. Most of them are from Utah, but of the ones i have talked to there are 3 from out east somewhere. The Utah kids had a funny experience on their way out here. Their pilot in SLC didnt show up, so they had to stay at the provo MTC for a little bit. Then they flew out and were about to land in Guatemala but it was super foggy, so the pilot couldnt land. They had to fly all the way to El Salvador, wait there for 3 hours, then fly back this way. And i thought that my travel was bad. But anyway they are all cool. I only have one more pday in the MTC, so that is kinda interesting. Oh and this past week, a bunch of people got hit with some kind of food poisoning of something, but i was lucky and i escaped it. We listened to the Provo MTC devotional broadcast last night and it was cool. He asked everyone there to say the mission purpose, and everyone here started saying it in Spanish. It was really funny. Any way i cant wait to finally be in Honduras. I did a count of how many people are going to my mission, and there are 13 from the US going there. A lot of the new group of latino hermanas are going there too, but i dont know how many. I have some really cool pictures to send, but these computers dont have SD card slots so ill have wait another 2 weeks. 
Nos Vemos
Elder Jensen

Also, i learned that most countries down here have their own version of the word ¨cool¨ like in Argentina it sounds like copado, in mexico it is chido, and the most important one, in Honduras it sounds like Maziso. Im not sure if i spelled them all right, but i think it is pretty close.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 3

Well, this week has been awesome. I learned so much in a week, and not just in Spanish. We have been practicing lessons in spanish with other districts so much. It is crazy. I think they are changing our teachers today, which is kind of sad. I really liked both of my teachers. They are both from Guatemala, but they were super awesome. Well today, we got to go to Guatemala City Plaza, and it was super cool. We also walked through the oldest cathedral in Guatemala today. It was super big, but the outside was super dirty. We got to place books of mormon today, which kinda made me nervous, but it was super fun. People here are super friendly, and it was awesome talking to this one guy. We were talking to him for about 30 minutes. We found out he was from Quetzaltenango and he was visiting family. The other people we talked to were all super awesome. We also met a bunch of members today who were just walking around which was kinda weird. I bought this really cool tie in the market down there today. Oh, Guatemalan money is super cool. They are called quetzales. They are pretty much full color. And on the 5 quetz bill, there is a clear section. It looks super cool. I am really enjoying the book of mormon right now. It is really awesome. I find stuff in there everyday to help me in my mission, it is amazing. I really like teaching our ¨investigators¨. It always gives me something to focus on either with Spanish or trying to be able to understand a principle more clearly. Today we have a devotional with President Duncan, and it is supposed to be super awesome. We got to have Wendy´s today, and it was amazing. It was a little different than the USA, but still american fast food. Down here they have an oreo frosty. It is amazing. I didnt realize how much i missed fast food. I love Sundays here in the CCM. They are always super awesome and spiritual. This last sunday we watched a Joseph Smith movie, and it was really powerful. This morning another group of the missionaries left for their missions, and that was super awesome. I cant wait to finally go out in the field. Funny story, today there were a bunch of pigeons at the square, and when we got on the bus to go eat we noticed these kids had a bunch of brown streaks on their shirts. We finally realized it was from the pigeons. It was super funny. We went to a food market today, and it was really sketchy. There were flies buzzing around all of the food. It was kinda scary. Well, thats about all i have for this week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What a week!

Whats up everybody? Its awesome you guys are having so much fun. The MTC here is going super awesome, and I`m learning spanish as they say here, poco a poco. Im super excited to go out to Honduras already. These next 4 weeks will probably fly by though. We had one fake investigator last week, really our teacher we just had to pretend he was an investigator. We stopped teaching him, but bot 2 new ones. These two are definitely harder to teach than the last one. They both have more problems than the first one, and are less understanding i guess. A funny language mistake i made this last week was that i said to our teacher, who was pretending to be someone we were teaching at the time, that we were there to comer(eat) a message, instead of saying compartir(share) a message. He just kind of looked at me funny and then i realized what happened. My friend and i just started laughing then we corrected it and taught the restoration. My favorite scripture here so far has been Alma 26:12. I know that i wont be able to learn this language as quickly as i need to without help from Heavenly Father. Sundays here are awesome, and i haven`t had to speak yet. They don`t tell you if you are speaking until right after the sacrament. It has to be five minutes, and completely in Spanish. It is crazy. Needless to say the english to spanish dictionary has been my best friend when writing those talks. Tell Zach not to die with Stans practice. My companion actually also swam for Stan, his name is Elder Maynez. He is about as fast at swimming as I am. He and I have been learning Spanish pretty well, so when we have to practice teaching the lessons go pretty well. Don`t worry about the Utah football player, im already on the BYU recruiting squad. As i am writing this i can see the top half of the Guatemala City temple. It is a really interesting looking temple. Last week we got to walk around Guatemala City in a space of about 2 or 3 blocks around the MTC and it is super different. Pretty much every store, or school, or pretty much anything has a security guard with some kind of gun. It is kinda weird. We got to go to this super sketchy convenience store right in the middle of a parking garage. It was awesome though because i got american candy. We have been having to practice teaching lessons to Latinos a ton this week. It is super crazy, some of them speak so fast. They all tell me that I am doing excelente for only being here for 2 weeks. Thats super cool. Well thats about all i got for this week. Till next week.
Nos Vemos
Elder Jensen

Thursday, July 21, 2016


So Wednesdays will be my pday. The first week here has been awesome, and I am so excited to be here. In my district there are 10 of us. 8 Elders and 2 hermanas. Our leader, Elder Pututau comitted to play linebacker at Utah, and he is really cool. He is a huuuugee Tongan. For the most part our classes here are all in Spanish, but our teachers are super good. We have an "investigator" he is really one of my teachers, that we have to teach a lesson to everyday, and the lessons have to be in Spanish. Its really hard, but im starting to get a hang of talking about church things in Spanish, i still am not very good at talking everyday Spanish to the Latinos here :), but im working on it. My companion is from Orem Utah, his name is Elder Maynes, and we`ve gotten along pretty well. Sorry if there are any typos in here, this keyboard is really weird, the shift key is about the size of a tictac. So far with our "investigator" we have gotten to the third lesson, and its going really well. The food here is pretty average, but I like it. Most days they split the meals either breakfast and dinner is Hispanic food and lunch is american food, or the other way around. Most of the time it is pretty good. They have juices here that are AMAZING! Our day at the MTC usually starts off with presonal study, then breakfast, then we have language study or language class, then we do a language task (like learn how to say a prayer in Spanish. I try to say most of my prayers in Spanish), then we have lunch, and then we either practice memorizing stuff, or we have TALL, which is like Rosetta Stone, but worse :(. Then we have to teach the lesson in Spanish, and once we do that, we have comp study until dinner, and after dinner, then we have district meeting or whatever they have planned, then we go to sleep. All of our teachers here are from Guatemala, and they are all really good. They have a store that comes and sets up stuff that you can buy, and i found a Brasil soccer jersey that was really cool. I asked them if they could find a Honduras one, and they said that they would try, but i doubt they find one. They are only giving us an hour to write today, and everyone is super sad about it. I would say the total number of missionaries here is just under 200, but i may be wrong. Dad, you were right about the room, there are 4 bunkbeds in each room. I don`t know what else to say, so ill just let you guys know that I love all of you, and i want to hear from everyone. Im so excited to be here, so till next time. 
Nos Vemos
Elder Jensen