Monday, March 27, 2017

6th Transfer in San Pedro Sula


Well, we were kind of surprised that I am still in the same zone, but it is super cool because we are teaching some really amazing people here. We are still teaching Maria and Jorge and their family. Maria just had her baby, so that is really cool. We are also teaching Jackelin and she should be able to be baptized on April 10th. She is awesome, it has been really cool to see the changes that she has made in her life. We also have been teaching a little girl named Emili. Her older brother is a member, and her mom has given us permission to baptize her on the 10th too. She is awesome, and really funny. 
This past week we went and had the Zone Attack in one of the areas in the north of the city. It is a pretty cool area, because it extends up into the mountains, and there are some pretty cool views. Also the people were super friendly, everyone wanted to stop and talk to us. 
Anyway, this week went by super quickly. This weekend is general conference, so it will be awesome to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles, and hear how we can be better, and learn more about how to follow the Savior.

Elder Jensen

Monday, March 20, 2017

Last week of the transfer


This past week was awesome. We had a Multi-Zone meeting and we learned a lot about teaching like the Savior. He always took the time to love the people he was teaching. That is something really important that we need to put into practice in our lives as well as being a missionary. I love it here in Honduras, the people here are amazing. Every day I keep getting amazed by some of the life stories here. 
Also, the Sister Missionaries in the ward had a baptism of someone that had been an investigator for 8 months. It was awesome to see her be baptized. She is one of the most converted people I have seen in the mission. 
We also had 2 service projects this week. On Saturday morning, we went to another area to help build a house for some people there. It was raining the whole 4 hours that we were there but it was awesome. We had to cut down this huge tree to make room for one of the walls that we were putting up. It was a fun service project and we were able to help some people who really needed it. Then, later that night, we helped this family move houses, because the Sister there had just had her baby, and they had almost no one else to help them. They are a super cool family though. 
We also got to keep teaching Jackelin, and she has a date for her baptism but still has a few problems to work out. We also taught Maria and Jorge again, and they are amazing. They are an awesome family that I will be sorry to leave if I end up having changes. We will find out if I leave here in a few hours, and if I end up leaving it will be on Wednesday. Anyway, have a good week.

Mexican Tacos, these tacos were so good, I want to learn how to make them.

Sopa de Mondongo- In case you forgot, or didnt get the email about this soup. It is a soup made with the stomach of a cow. So it is kind of interesting.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bus Clowns

Hey guys!!

This week was super cool. Today I complete 8 months in the mission. Time is flying by. We were able to continue to teach Maria and her family, and we met the father yesterday too. He works all week except for Sunday, and he is a super cool guy. He works as a bodyguard. Kind of an interesting job choice, living in San Pedro Sula and everything but, he is awesome. Yesterday, we were able to talk to the whole family, and they are excited to be able to learn more from us. We are also still teaching Jackelin, and she still has a lot of desire to learn about the Savior. We are trying to teach them as much as possible because this is the last week of the transfer, and we are pretty sure that I will be leaving. 
This is my 3rd transfer in the area, and my 5th transfer in the zone. If I leave, I will be kinda sad to go. The area kind of grew on me. At first I didn't really like it very much, because it is hard to find people to be able to teach here. But, the people we have found are amazing.
 I kind of think it is a little bit like our lives. Sometimes if something is hard at the beginning, we kind of shy away from it. But, if we stick to it, it starts to be one of the best things we have ever done. Following the Savior is something that isn't easy, but following His example in everything in our lives is one of things that is truly worth doing. I know He lives and that He know each and every one of us. He will always help us with our lives, all we have to do is ask Him.

Bus Clowns
The normal sized buses here sometimes stop and pick up people who are dressed up as clowns. They get on the bus, and try to get other people to get on the bus too. But, once the bus starts moving they bust out a soda can filled with beans that they use as a maraca and start to tell jokes. I can only understand about half of the jokes, because most of them are wordplays in Spanish, and I don't understand enough to get the jokes they make.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Zone Attack


Hey, this week was a little slow, but sometimes that happens here. It looks like this next week will be a lot better so that will be good. 
This last week we were able to teach Maria and her two kids Kenneth that is 10,  and Allisson that is 7. It was a super good lesson, and we feel like they are really going to progress. It is just that Maria is 9 months pregnant and doesn't really want to move around a lot right now, so we are just going to keep teaching her until her new son is born. But, they are awesome. Allisson reminds me a little bit of Jill. She is hilarious. And Kenneth is really smart. He understands everything we say, it's so cool. 
We had an activity as a zone this week called Zone Attack. Everyone in the zone went to one area and tried to contact as much as we could to find some new people to teach. It was super cool, we kind of broke the routine, and helped other missionaries in the zone teach more people. So that was super fun. I hope that my first area gets chosen this week or the next, it will be interesting to see if I can still remember where everything is. 
Anyway, I learned a lot about patience this week. Specifically with being a missionary. This week was kind of hard to find the people to teach, so we kind of had to be patient, because if we just gave up after we weren't able to find them, then we would lose opportunities to find and teach other people. The message that we share with people is too important to miss out on opportunities to share it. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that through him we can change and become better.
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Jensen

Funny Story
THis past week we were in a rapidito, and it was one of the most packed rapiditos that I have ever been in. I think there were 30 people. Anyway, we got squeezed in the back row. When we needed to get off, the guy that takes the money told us to get out through the window. My comp and I just looked at the guy like, "The Window?, seriously?" Luckily, everyone in front of us made a way for us to get out because there was no way, we were going to be able to fit through the window.