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What a week!

Whats up everybody? Its awesome you guys are having so much fun. The MTC here is going super awesome, and I`m learning spanish as they say here, poco a poco. Im super excited to go out to Honduras already. These next 4 weeks will probably fly by though. We had one fake investigator last week, really our teacher we just had to pretend he was an investigator. We stopped teaching him, but bot 2 new ones. These two are definitely harder to teach than the last one. They both have more problems than the first one, and are less understanding i guess. A funny language mistake i made this last week was that i said to our teacher, who was pretending to be someone we were teaching at the time, that we were there to comer(eat) a message, instead of saying compartir(share) a message. He just kind of looked at me funny and then i realized what happened. My friend and i just started laughing then we corrected it and taught the restoration. My favorite scripture here so far has been Alma 26:12. I kno…


So Wednesdays will be my pday. The first week here has been awesome, and I am so excited to be here. In my district there are 10 of us. 8 Elders and 2 hermanas. Our leader, Elder Pututau comitted to play linebacker at Utah, and he is really cool. He is a huuuugee Tongan. For the most part our classes here are all in Spanish, but our teachers are super good. We have an "investigator" he is really one of my teachers, that we have to teach a lesson to everyday, and the lessons have to be in Spanish. Its really hard, but im starting to get a hang of talking about church things in Spanish, i still am not very good at talking everyday Spanish to the Latinos here :), but im working on it. My companion is from Orem Utah, his name is Elder Maynes, and we`ve gotten along pretty well. Sorry if there are any typos in here, this keyboard is really weird, the shift key is about the size of a tictac. So far with our "investigator" we have gotten to the third lesson, and its going…