Monday, January 30, 2017

A few changes

Ok, this week was really good. We had some changes happen in the schedule this week. They gave us a little bit more liberty in where to put some of the things we have to do during the day, and with reporting some of the numbers that we keep track of. They told us about the changes in a broadcast but before they talked about the changes they were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. They talked about how sometimes we treat each part as a separate thing like a checklist. But, each one is interwoven with the others. Our faith will lead us to want to repent, and as we repent we will feel the influence of the Holy Ghost more in our lives, which will build our faith even more, and that will help us as we try to endure to the end. It was awesome to hear about that. 
We also had a multizone meeting this past week, and that was about having eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel. It was really good. We learned about how we need to always be looking for opportunities to share or serve, how we need to listen to people to really be able to help them, and to be able to feel the best way to teach a person so their lives can be better. In our area right now, we are still teaching Lesly, and she has been really progressing so we are really looking forward to keep teaching her. 
Today we went and played soccer as a zone against the other zone in San Pedro. I cant really play anything in soccer besides goalie, but it was fun. In other news, we have a huge meeting with all of our mission, and all of the mission San Pedro Sula East on the 13 of February. So that will be cool, there are going to be a lot of people there. I hope everyone has a great week.

Funny Story
Kind of funny for me because I didn't know this could happen in real life, but someone was walking down the street and slipped on a banana peel and fell. I thought that only happened in cartoons.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Warm weather is back!

Hey everyone!

So this week was super good. We were able to keep teaching Lesly and Leiny. It has been awesome to be able to see their progress in this time that we have been teaching them. We are excited to keep teaching them, and we hope that they will continue to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
This past week we were running out of places to contact, because our area doesn't have very many contactable houses because of the gates on the streets, so we went to a poorer part of our area. It was super cool, because we were able to find people that were awesome and prepared to hear the Gospel. So we will see how that goes with all of them. 
Elder Trujillo was kind of sick this past week so that wasn't very fun for everyone but, we are hoping the medicine he has now will help him out. 
Every time that I teach the Restoration of the Gospel I feel the spirit, it is amazing. I know that the Church is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. In my mission, I have grown to appreciate the Book of Mormon and I know that it is also true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that through his Atonement we can change and be better. 

Elder Jensen

Food- This week we found a place that sells spicy chicken, with tajadas, and french fries. It is amazing. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

6 Meses!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. This week was really good. One of our old investigators Leiny Garcia moved back from Tela so we are really happy we get to keep teaching her. We also have been teaching someone new named Lesly Calderon, and she is really excited to learn more and more about the gospel. 
This last week we served a lot of people. We swept so many sidewalks and garages. We washed a car. We mowed a lawn (remember that that means using a machete). It was super great. This week we worked to try to find more people to be able to teach, which is kind of hard in this area right now. But, we have been able to find more people through service. Through sweeping a sidewalk we found two new people to be able to teach so that was really great. That is one thing I really like about serving people is that when they are being served their hearts are opened and it is a lot easier to start up a conversation with them. Not only that but when we are serving we feel good too. 
Another thing I have been working on is looking at people the way Christ would look at them. Because when I truly look at them like the Savior would look at them, I can see the way the gospel would bless their lives, and I want to share the gospel with them. Its been super great here in Honduras, and I officially have 6 months here in the mission. I can't believe how fast the time is going. Honduras is awesome and the people here are amazing. I can't think of anywhere else I would want to be right now. 

We found this place that makes Carne con Tajadas. It is soooooooo goooood.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cold Snap

Its been a good week here in Honduras. And that is not just because it has been......a little cold??? Yep, the past 2 days it has been 50s, 60s and rainy and windy. It has been AWESOME! I never thought I would see 50 or 60 here as a temperature ever! We worked really hard this week trying to find more and more people to teach. On Sunday, we found this super cool lady who is SUPER interested, we are really excited to be able to teach her. We also started teaching english classes this past week, and it has been really helpful for my Spanish. I dont know why, but explaining in Spanish why we talk the way we do in English has really helped me learn some more things about Spanish. It is also really cool, because there were a bunch of kids in the class trying to learn, and they were learning so quickly it was awesome. One day last week, everything we had scheduled had fallen through, so we were trying to figure out what we could do to be able to teach someone. Then the impression to try to visit one of our old investigators came into my head. We went to try to visist them, but they weren't in their house. But we did find one of their friends who lives next door, and has had a hard time in life lately, and wanted to listen to us. It was so cool. I was thinking that sometimes we follow what our Heavenly Father wants us to do, without knowing what will happen with it. But when we follow what he wants us to do, everything will turn out amazing, and we will find blessings that we never expected.
So, here the way most people eat oranges is different. What they do is use a knife to "peel" it, but they really only take off the part that is colored, they leave the stuff under the peel intact. Then they cut it in half, and put a little bit of salt on it and close it back up. Then they eat it, and it is super good. With the salt,  it makes it seem sweeter.
Elder Jensen

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

Whats Up!
New Year's here is super cool!!! Everyone here waits to eat until midnight, and at midnight everyone in the city sets off every firework they could possibly find. It was super loud, and all of the air was full of smoke and everything it was so cool! The day of new years eve we went to a members house and learned how to make tamales the way they make tamales here in Honduras. It was kind of weird, because they use plantain leaves instead of corn husks, and then they just put a bunch of the filling inside, but it is all raw. The chicken, rice, potatoes, all of it is raw. I was kind of weirded out, but they turned out really good. They cook them in a huge pot over a fire. I would send pictures but I forgot to bring my camera to email today. With changes this week, we lost one of the members of the trio, and I am still in CastaƱos. We also went to an investigator family`s house and we talked with them about making new goals for the year to come. We talked about how, especially in this time of year where we reflect on the past year and how we can be better, we can always make goals to be more like Christ. The dad of the family shared a story about how ever since his father died, he has been trying to come closer to Christ.  What we shared with him, really struck him and that he thinks he has found a way to be closer to Christ. It was super spiritual and we are really hoping we will be able to continue teaching them. I am looking forward to the next six weeks here in the area I am in, and I hope all of you have a great week!

Catrachitas- Fried corn tortillas, beans, and cheese. Really good, but really simple.
Pan Imposible- They put cake batter in a pan, and then they pour flan mixture into it, and when you put it in the oven the flan mixture is on top, and then after it is done, the flan is on the bottom, it is really good.
Pupusas- I think I already talked about these, but anyways they are from El Salvador and so is my comp right now, and we found someone from El Salvador to make them for us. They are really different compared to the ones that are Honduras style. They are super good, because the ones from El Salvador have beans in them, and i havent found one from Honduras that has beans yet.

Funny Story
We were walking down the street and this drunk guy started talking to us and he had his cup of beer in his right hand. And as he was talking to us he kept bringing his left hand up like he was drinking from the cup, even though there wasnt anything in his hand. And then he went to point at something with his right hand, and basically threw his cup of beer at this car. It was super funny, because he got confused after that happened and just kind of scratched his head and wandered off.