Monday, December 26, 2016

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo

Alright things are going well here in Honduras. We had a super good Christmas. There are a few families here who are super good. They always give us food, and they let us use their computer/wifi to call the family. It was super good to talk. It made me want to be able to find more families that can have the same blessings from the gospel.
This past week in the mission, we had a meeting with our zone San Pedro, and the zone Valle de Sula. It was about christmas, and how we can be more like Christ. Especially this time of year, we focus on Christ. It's always super good to evaluate where we are, and then try to better ourselves. We also had a bunch of Christmas songs from the missionaries here. I played piano for the meeting. It was Carol of the Bells, I was surprised I could still play it has been 5 months since I have practiced piano regularly. This week is the end of the transfer, so we will find out later tonight which of us is leaving the area. Right now it is looking like I will stay here in the area for at least 6 more weeks, maybe 12. But we still don'
t know. Also, the 24th here is super cool, there are a lot of fireworks all day. But at midnight, everyone starts lighting every firework they have and there is so much noise, and smoke in the air. It was super cool. I think Santa may have been shot down last night.

TAMALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super good. 
The biggest baleada ever!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Feliz Navidad!

         Well, its been a good week here in Honduras. It was kind of a long week because a lot of our lessons fell through, but we still tried hard to contact and find some new people to teach. Our investigators are still going well, but we found out that Leyni Garcia has to move. She is moving to a town in the mission San Pedro Sula East, so we are hoping the Elders there can find her and be able to teach her more. She really wants to learn more, and she wants to follow Christ as closely as possible. This is technically the last week of the change, but we wont find out what is going on till the 28th. We have been teaching families here about the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means for us. Every time we teach people about the purpose of Christmas it is so spiritual and we can really feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for us. Yesterday we were having a lesson with a family in the ward, Familia Elvir, and we were talking about Christmas. We started talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how through him not only can we be cleansed from our sins, but that we can also be comforted in our trials, bad feelings, and sicknesses. It was really powerful because we found out that the mom has been going through cancer treatment. The spirit bore testimony to her of the truth and power of the atonement, and everybody was feeling the presence of the spirit, down to the 7 year old little girl. It was amazing.
 In other news, my shoe has a hole in its sole now. So, we can check off that milestone. But other than that, everything has been going well here.

Nothing yet. I am just excited for a whole weekend of TAMALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Never ending heat and chicken feet

¿Que Tal?
This week was a good one here in Honduras. The weather looks like it might change a little bit so that is good. This week we had stake conference, and it was really good. They really focused on doing the little things like reading and studying the scriptures, and praying sincerely every day. These are the things that build faith every day. Just something I got out of the Stake Conference.
This week we had the Christmas party for the ward and it was super cool. The christmas music here is super different than back home. They have a lot of merengue (I think that is what they were calling it). Lots of the ward went.
This week we also went to a house of one of our investigator families to paint their house. We painted almost their whole house just with brushes, it took forever. It was good though, they gave us baleadas and pastelitos. They are a super cool family, and we are hoping they will progress. Leyni is really good, she is almost done with 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and we are really excited. She is awesome and really wants to follow Jesus Christ. We did a lot of contacting this week too, and we talked to everybody about #LighttheWorld the church is doing. It is really great, because we really can share the light that we have by serving others. We have been looking for opportunities to serve more so we can be an example to others.
Funny Story
There is this dog, I am pretty sure it has a demon inside it, that is always at the end of our street. And the other day, it was there at the end of the street barking and growling like normal. Then one of my comps started running at the dog, and the dog went to turn around to start running and smacked its head on the back of a car so hard and i think it knocked itself out. We all busted up laughing. The security guard at the end of our street was drinking a coke when it happened and he snorted it out of his nose.
This week a member bought us some food. We got there and there are 2 gigantic plates of pollo chuco (chicken with fried plantains and a lot of sauce). Seriously I think 3 people could have eaten from one plate. It was really good. But, as we were eating we found these things in the sauce. And it turns out they were chicken feet. No we didnt eat them, but I almost did just to be able to say that I have eaten chicken feet.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Just when it was starting to cool off

Alright, we had a pretty good week this week. Last week it was kind of starting to cool off, but this week was an oven. Sometimes more than an oven. We were almost dying. We taught more of the people that we had found. We are really working hard with 2 of them. One of them is Leyni Garcia. She is super cool, and really wants to learn more about the church. She came to church this past Sunday and had a ton of questions about it afterwards. The other one is named Manger, and he is super cool. When we cross the Bridge from El Roble to CastaƱos, we pass him. He is always selling Elotes, grilled corn. One day he called us over and we taught him a little bit. The second lesson he told us that he hadn't been selling hardly any corn. So, when he prayed, one of the first times he had ever prayed, he prayed to have success selling the corn. Whenever we pass him now, he is selling like crazy, and when he sees us he gives us a thumbs up and smiles. We are still working to get him to church, but it is kind of hard because he helps take care of horses on Sunday. So, we are doing really well. 
We watched the Christmas devotional with the same family that gave us Thanksgiving dinner, so that was really good. This time of year is one to be happy. One of the ways to be happy is by looking outward from yourself, and serving others. Here on the mission,  I have noticed that when I am thinking about how I feel, that is when I can start feeling sad. But, when I focus on what other people are feeling and how I can help them, that is when I am happiest. This time of year is to celebrate Christ's birth. There is a video about serving others on, the video is super good and everyone should watch it. Anyway, everyone have a good week!

Funny Story
1. We were talking to a few people on the street and this guy came up to us and started talking to us too. It started out fine and normal, but then he asked us if our church believed in talking in tongues. We were all like yeah, and Elder Trujillo pointed at me. The guy said, "No, talk in angelical languages." We said we didnt know what he was talking about. He started telling us this story about how one time he was sitting in church, and this light entered his eyes, and he started talking in a language that he didnt know. This lady asked him what language he was speaking, he said,"I think it was arabic, or hebrew." The lady asked if the people there could understand him. And he said that they could. She said," Oh, then you were around a bunch of people from that area of the world." He said no, got really frustrated, and didnt know what to say. Then he just stormed off. it was kinda weird.

Sopa de Caracol- This is one of the soups that Honduras is known for, there is even a song about it. It is made with conch (i think) meat, shrimp, yucca, and green plantains. It is really good. why people in honduras are making soup when it is 100 degrees, i dont know.