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Todo Cheque

It was a really good week this week. We focused a lot on finding more people this week, and it paid off. We have 6 new investigators that we are teaching. One of them is super good, he is a barber. He was super receptive and was asking a lot of questions. Juan Ramon Fajardo told us he wanted some more time, so we are still working with him. We have been working a lot this week with less actives and those lessons are always really good.   My Spanish is making really big strides, the only thing that I am struggling with is when someone asks me a direct question. Street contacting is getting a lot easier.
I have some funny stories this week. I had to give a talk at a baptism the other elders in our ward had. Everyone was nodding during it, so I think that means I was saying some good stuff. I was nervous beforehand but it was good.
1. On Wednesday, we stopped to help a guy change a tire on our way home from lunch. On Thursday, there was another person who needed a tire change in the exac…

Update from Honduras

Sam was short on time this week so he asked me to piece together from emails he sent to us.  So, it may be a little choppy and all, but we love to hear about the experiences he is having.

So, last week we had an area conference with Elder Alonso who is the area authority for the church in Central America.  It was great.  Elder Alonso taught me a lot even though I couldn't understand all of it.  He spoke about teaching with the spirit, and the role of the spirit in our lessons.  I am really trying to apply what he said, and it has already helped in lessons.

Last Friday night, we got called to give blessing to a less active sister who had had an operation and wasn't feeling very well. We had no idea where she lived so first we had to track down her house, and it was on this path down behind a pulpería in the really poor part of our área called El Bordo. We walked in and talked to her for a little while and the whole time I was thinking, I don't know if I will be able t…

Early P-day

Well, it has only been three days since the last pday so, this will probably be a little short.  Elder Alonso, the area authority is coming Monday, so we had pday today. Ok, we have 3 super good investigators we are teaching. The first one is Juan-Ramon Fajardo. He is super good, and he works in construction. When, we go over to teach him, he basically teaches the lesson himself. We were at church on Sunday, and in one of the classes he answered literally every question and all of answers were super good. He lives with his daughter who is a member of the church. The next one is Julio Cesar, and he is super awesome. He lives by himself, and he is a civil engineer. He always has really good questions about the Gospel. The only thing that is a struggle with teaching him is his job, his schedule is a little erratic, but this past week it has been a little harder because his son is sick. The other one is Lester Garcia, and he has really come a long way in life. He used to be an alcoholic …

Hola from Honduras

Alright. Super good week this week. Lots of lessons, lots of walking. church is always a little interesting because i have to play piano every week. We have three really good guys that we are teaching right now, and it is really cool to see their lives improve because of the gospel. We had to go to the hospital 3 times because my trainer has developed a bunch of allergies since being out here. Gluten, lactose, nuts, cherries, and garlic. I am always super tired, because we have to walk everywhere, unless we are going to the stake center or hospital. But, my shoes are still in pretty good shape. The other day, it was raining when we had to start walking home that night, and we were at the church building which is about a 20ish minute walk. It was pouring, and had been for a while. So we wait a couple minutes to see if it would let up, but it didnt so we just started walking. here there is no drainage system for the roads so when it rains, they turn into mini rivers. And i forgot any k…