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10000000000 degrees

Heyo! This week was super good. We really focused this week on trying to find some new people to teach. We found a new family that is super cool, so we are really excited to teach them. We are still teaching Jackelin, and she came to church yesterday. She told us she really liked it and she wants to come next week too.  We also had a zone meeting this past week and it was super good.We learned about conversion, and how it is a process, and not just a single event that happens. Every choice we make helps us grow.  We learned how to teach that to our investigators a little better so that was cool.  This past week I learned how to make Pupusas. They are super good, especially when someone from El Salvador makes them. We are halfway done with this transfer, so we are focusing to try to get things done before then, in case one of us gets changed out. But, we have been working really hard. Even though it has been 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…

Sunrise in San Pedro Sula

Hey, This week was really good. We went and tried to contact a bunch of people that we talked to when I was here for the first 6 weeks. That was super cool, and we are excited to see where that goes. 
Yesterday I had to give a talk in church. They gave me the topic of missionary work. So that was a pretty easy talk to give. The hardest part was that it was in Spanish. I was pretty worried about it, but everyone afterward told me I did well, so that was a little confidence builder with the language. 
This week we went and worked with the ZLs again, so that was super cool. Today for PDay we went really early and hiked up to the CocaCola sign on the mountain. It is kind of like the Hollywood sign just smaller. We got to see the sunrise and everything. It made me grateful for the world that our Heavenly Father has given us. Even though it is 10000 degrees during the day here, with 1000% humidity, I love Honduras, it is a super awesome place. 

Funny story
The other day my comp woke up super sl…

Still in Castanos

This past week was super awesome. We had changes last Wednesday. I am still in Castaños, but I am with Elder Morales now. We get along really well.  This past week we taught Lesly Calderon, and she has a baptismal date for the 25th of February. It is super awesome, she is really excited to continue following the Savior.  Today we had a huge meeting with the 2 missions in San Pedro Sula and it was amazing. I sang, "Abide With Me" in a double quartet, but in Spanish. It was funny because we sang the first verse acapella and when we started the 2nd verse with the piano we were off key, so there was a little key change which was interesting. But afterward, we learned a lot about teaching and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. We learned about being disciples of Jesus Christ and not just kind of following him, but following him with everything we have. We also learned how to have more charity and how to care more for the people that we are serving in Honduras. Anyway, th…

End of change number 5

This week was pretty good. It is the last week of the transfer so we wanted to work hard to end on a high note. We found some awesome new people and we are excited to teach them about the gospel.  We have been teaching Lesly Calderon and she is really close to having a date for her baptism so we are excited for that. She is really receptive and just wants to learn more about Jesus Christ so she can follow him better. 
This past week we had divisions with the Zone Leaders and that was really cool. They are great missionaries. We got some ideas from the way they taught. We also found an old investigator named Manyer. We hadn't seen him for about 5 or 6 weeks, and then we were walking one day and found him where he was before selling grilled corn again. It was super funny.  We went and talked to him, and he just said he had decided to take a break. 
Also, for the big mission meeting, they decided to make a choir of about 10 missionaries and they put me in it. We are singing Abide…