Monday, November 28, 2016

From: Gated Communities of Honduras

What up?
Alright, the area of Castaños is doing good. We still are having a little bit of trouble getting in to the streets that have the gates on them. But, sometimes we tell the guards a name so he lets us in to the street. The funny part is that the person that we tell the guard that we are going to visit doesn´t exist. We dont always do this, just part of the time. But, we are doing really well at finding new people for us to teach. We have several new people that look like they are really interested. So, i started off the day of Thanksgiving kind of sad because I thought we probably weren´t going to have any kind of Thanksgiving dinner. But I went through the day like normal, and at 5 in the afternoon this family from this super nice neighborhood in the ward called us and said for us to meet them at this Grocery store in the area at around 7:15. So, we all had no idea what was going on. Then we got there and the other missionaries from the ward were there too. The family pulls up in a car, and they take us to their house for Thanksgiving. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, all the normal stuff that they could find for us. It was great. Ok, i learned a lot about faith this week. Sometimes we say "I have faith" and then sit and wait for our situation to change. I learned this week that we need to do something to show our faith. Whether that be changing something we are doing, or working hard at something. Then, after we have done all that we can do, our Heavenly Father will help us with what we are asking. Sometimes in the mission when I feel like I am not teaching very well, or that I am struggling with something, I pray for the help and strength to be able to change. And when I know that I have done everything that I can do, I can feel that Heavenly Father is helping me with what i have asked for. It is like a leap of faith. We need to jump to receive help. Well, that is what i have for this week. Que Le Vaya bien

Funny Stories
1. We knocked on this door and the lady yelled from inside the house "who is it". We told her "the friends of your best friend". She yelled "who?", we said "the friends of your best friend". She asked who her best friend was, and we said, "He is our best friend too, his name is Jesus Christ and we have message to share with you about him". There was a little moment of silence, then the lady inside the house just busted up laughing. We talked to her for about 5 minutes, but she is a really strong Catholic so she didnt want us to come back.

1. I made tortillas for the first time, and i tried to do it the way the people do it here. They take the ball of tortilla dough, flatten it just a little bit in their hands, and then they put it in the palm of their hand, and they start clapping. I dont know how but in 10 seconds they have a tortilla shape. Mine looked awful. So i just stretched it out on a plate.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Well, I was transferred from my area. We were both really surprised that I was the one who was leaving. But I am still in the same zone, San Pedro Sula, so that is cool. My area now is called Castaños, and this area is going to be difficult. About 60% of the streets in the area have a gate thing that closes it and we have to have an invitation from someone in the street for the security guard to let us in. I am in a trio, but probably only for a little bit. One of them is from El Salvador and the other is from Ecuador. But, this area is also really good. People here are receptive when we are able to talk to them. We are starting almost completely from scratch in this area, so we have been really focusing on finding people for us to teach. But, the whole thing with the gates on the streets makes it a little hard. We have already found several investigators who seem promising. Our area is kind of like 2 different areas, because we have part of the area that has 2 "colonias", basically like big neighborhoods, El Roble and Buenos Aires. Then to get to the other part of our area we have to cross a big bridge and walk for 15 minutes to get to the other 2 colonias, Castaños and Villas del Campo. Not too much of a walk between the 2, it just seems like there is a division between the two parts of the area. The house here is good, it is a little bit smaller than the old one, but still pretty big. For the past week it has rained almost all day every day. But it is really nice because it cools off when it rains. Well, that is about all I have for this week.

Funny Stories
1. We contacted this one house that had the door open, and we started talking to this lady. We asked her if she had time for us to teach her. She said no because her dog bit her so she cant walk. Then we asked her if her son would like us to talk with him. There was a pause, and then she said that he was sick, and all of a sudden he started yelling "AHHHHHH" "OWWWW". We just looked at each other and started laughing and walked away.
2. We contacted this other house and 10 year old said he was the only one home, then from farther back in the house someone yells "Quien es?!"(who is it). Then the kid went and told them and this old lady comes walking down the hallway saying "no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no" And literally nothing else. We just shrugged out shoulders.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Done with training

Well, i am officially done with training on Wednesday. Transfers are also that day, so I will probably get a new companion. It is most likely that I will stayin the area that i am in for at least 6 more weeks. This area is awesome,it is in the city,but it is pretty calm compared with other parts or San Pedro Sula that I have seen. The families here are awesome. This past week was pretty good. We almost baptized Lester Garcia this last week, but his friend was in a motorcylce accident so he was with him. We are hoping he will be able to this week, he is a really good guy, and he just wants to follow Christ and make his life better. Tomorrow all of the new missionaries that are coming get here. We get to go and work with them for the day so that will be fun. Looking back on the past 12 weeks, i realized that I have learned a lot. At the beginning walking down the street and talking to complete strangers was really hard for me,and now i hardly even think about it. I have learned a lot of spanish, there are only a handful of people that i cant understand. I can talk a lot better than i used to be able to so that has been awesome. Im really excited for this next transfer and to see what happens.

Funny Story
This last week we were getting the baptismal font ready, and we realized the water from last week was still there and it was all dirty. So we had to get the water out using the trashcans from the church, then we went and dumped them out.One missionary from the other area slipped and fell into the font.

Ignacio Dulce- Dessert nachos

I fixed my old sd card so here are some pictures from that waterfall Pulhapanzak we went to.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Training almost done

This week was really long, but it ended super well. Someone we were teaching got baptized! His name is Jose Armando Mejia, and he is one of the most converted people I have met. His friend who is a recent convert to the church was able to baptize him. They are both awesome people. His life story is crazy, I dont know how some of the people that I have met here would be able to turn their lives around from where they were without the gospel of Jesus Christ. I do know that with Jesus Christ, anyone can return to the right path in their lives. Because I couldn't go outside and work this week because of the whole surgery thing, I read a lot of scriptures, and I learned a lot about trials. I learned that when we have trials, we shouldnt expect or ask Heavenly Father to take our trials away, or to make it so the trial doesn't matter, or that the trial is just kind of there. We should pray to be able to handle the trial with strength, and to be able to bear the trial and learn from it. Every trial we have should teach us something different, it may be something small, but we should be able learn something that our Father in Heaven wants us to know. When we have trials is when we are able to learn the most. 
In other news, i have just one week left of my training. I will probably stay in the area i am in for another six weeks, but with a different elder. But, we are having a good time here in San Pedro Sula.

Milojin- It is like a crispy, puffy tortilla thing covered in cinnamon sugar
Tacos Flautas- really good, especially with chipotle sauce.