Monday, July 3, 2017

Los Garrabos

Sam's week: Los Garrobos
Hey Everyone!

This week was a very good week. We tried contacting in an area that we don't really go very often, called Los Garrobos or Brisas del Pedregal.(Everyone calls it the first name, but its official name is the second one). It is a little bit farther away, but it is a cool little part of our area here. It is a 30 minute walk, but we take a moto taxi to the bottom and then walk up.
We have several new investigators. We are teaching the Lopez family. They are a cool family and already have ties to the church because they have friends that are members. We are hoping to teach them and have them come to church. We are also teaching Betty and José. They are awesome and they seem like they will be receptive to the more we teach them. Also, we are meeting with Victor. We think he might be kind of hard to teach at the beginning, but that he will accept more as he starts to trust us.
We also had 3 less actives who came to church this past week, so we were really excited about that. This week was a good boost to see that we are having some more results in this area.

Earlier today we went to a place called La Atolera, which is a place that sells this drink called Atol de Elote. Basically it is a thick, sweet drink and the main ingredient is corn. It is really good. They also have something called Atol Chuco which is the same thing but not sweet and they put beans and pumpkin seeds and all kinds of weird things in it.

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