Monday, August 7, 2017

A week of traveling


This week was pretty crazy with all of the transfer stuff, and it turns out that I ended up having to go all the way to San Pedro Sula instead of just to Santa Rosa so here was the week...

9:30-Got the call to tell us that my comp is getting transferred, which we basically guessed would happen. They told us that we had to be in Santa Rosa Tuesday night so we can leave early to get to the changes in the morning on wednesday.

10ish am- They call and tell me that I have to go to San Pedro Sula too to take a picture for my Honduran residency.
For the rest of the day I went around with Elder Sibaja to say good bye to everyone.
8:30 pm - the bus that we were supposed to take to Santa Rosa didn't leave because "there weren't enough people on the bus". So we talked to a member that told us where we can meet up so they can get us a ride to Santa Rosa. We meet them and the member flags down a semi-truck for us to ride to Santa Rosa. Kind of weirded out, but I was like, OK. So, a 2 hour and 15 minute trip to Santa Rosa turns into a 3 hour and 15 minute ride to Santa Rosa.
11:50 pm - We get to the Elders house in Santa Rosa to try to sleep a few hours before leaving for San Pedro.

3:00am- We leave for San Pedro Sula in a bus, making 2 stops to pick up other missionaries for transfers.
7:15am- We get to San Pedro, and wait at the stake center until everyone gets there. I got to see a few friends I hadn't seen for a while. I met my new comp, Elder Rodriguez from Tijuana, Mexico. He is super cool we get along really well. We sent his suitcases with the bus that left for Copan so we didn't have to walk around with them.
9:30am- We go to the immigration office and wait forever for them to process all of my papers so I can take my picture.
12:00- We take a bus to Santa Rosa that was flying. We got into Santa Rosa at around 4. 4:00-We had to meet up with the other Elders to get the suitcases and drop off a backpack one of them had left in San Pedro. Then, we go to order Tortas (mexican sandwiches), and as they are finishing them, the bus for Ocotepeque rolls in, so we take the tortas and run to catch the bus.
6:30 pm -We get in to Ocotepeque, drop off the suitcases, go and meet with the Mission leader, and eat dinner.
9:30 pm -Pass out until the next morning.

It was a lot of travelling, but it was cool. The rest of the week was good. We had 6 inactive members come to church which was really exciting for us. Alex wasn't able to make it to Ocotepeque this week, so we are thinking of visiting him this week. We also found some new investigators so it will be interesting being able to teach them some more. We also had to talk in church so that was a good welcome for Rodriguez. Anyway, having a good time here in Ocotepeque working hard. Have a good week everyone!

Elder Jensen

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