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End of the transfer


One more transfer has flown by! I can't believe how fast time is going.  I remember thinking in the MTC, "How long can one week possibly be?" Now, I think the opposite, "How short can 1 week possibly be." Literally, I feel like I was just emailing yesterday.
Anyway, as short as the week feels, I feel like we get so many things done. This week we visited a ton of less-active or inactive members to invite them to church. I was able to get to know many of them that I hadn't met yet, and be able to learn from them. I am sure that with time they will begin to accept the gospel again in their lives. All we have to do is bring the Spirit to their hearts, because the only person that can bring the spirit into their hearts, is them.
I know that when we let the Spirit into our lives, we will begin to receive so many blessings. I have seen that time and time again here in Honduras. People who change their lives little by little, can look back and see how completely different they are from the way they were. Anyway, this week was a good week. Trying to get everything together for the possibility that my comp is leaving. Have a great week everybody!

Funny Story
My comp and I were walking back from a lesson, when we start hearing what sounded like pac-man or galaga or something. We got a little bit closer, and all it is is an empty lot. So we are like, Someone on the other street must have some video game thing going on, we go to the other street, and we dont hear anything. We went back to the empty lot, and used our little phone light to see what could be making the noise. We got closer the noise gets a little softer, until the light shines on a bunch of toads. I guess the toads were wanting to play some old arcade games or something.


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Another Transfer Down!


Wow, this transfer flew by! I have already been here in Santa Barbara 6 weeks, and it feels like a lot less. This past week we had a Zone conference in Santa Ana. They presented the new Christmas video for this year, in Spanish it is called "Ilumina el Mundo" (Light the world). It is about "lighting the world" through little or big acts of Christlike service. We can share the light of Christ that we feel with others who are maybe passing through a difficult time in their lives and need us to help them. Everyone should watch the video using #Lighttheworld, or on!

We also were able to continue to teach Patricia Rogel, and she is going to be baptized this coming week. The cool part is that her brother that got baptized a few months ago is going to baptize her. They are both super cool people, and have great testimonies of the Savior. This past week we helped a family clear a piece of land by their house. We used a machete to cut a bunch of huge weed…

An interesting week

Hey! (Yes, I am still alive) 🙂

This week was an interesting week, but it was a great week as well. With all of the excitement after the elections, and everything that is still going on, they grounded us for a few days. Then, on Tuesday, they let us out till 4, until 6 on wednesday, thursday until 7:30, and now it is normal. We read scriptures, watched church movies, drew on the table with shaving cream ( we were bored and out of ideas). Yes, we were very bored. But, this week they let us leave the house again and we were sooooooooooooooo ready to be working again.

This week we were able to have Pathricia's baptism and it was great! Her brother who was baptized 2 months ago was able to baptized her and there were lots of people who came to share their support. Her sisters came as well, and they are interested in learning about the Church.

We also were able to continue to teach Moises, and he is really interested in learning more about the gospel, he always has questions for us, an…

Santa Rosita and the end of a transfer

Que Hay?

This week was pretty good. We went to a town called Santa Rosita this past week to go and teach Alex and his family. It's a little town about and hour and 15 minutes away from Ocotepeque. It was a good lesson but started out kind of rough. His dad is Catholic and at the beginning he was very closed minded about the church, and what we taught. But, instead of arguing with him we testified of what we knew to be true. We taught about the plan of salvation and as we taught and testified the spirit softened him and we were able to share a lesson and feel the spirit. The power of testimony combined with the Holy Ghost is amazing. Alex also told us he wants to be baptized, but he wants to be ready, so we are continuing to work with him so he can feel ready to be baptized. The only sad part is that this transfer ends on Wednesday and we have a feeling that Elder Sibaja is going to leave.
This past week church was good. We had several people come that don't normally make it t…